PCC Seminar 2012 with Ben Willmore

I had the luxury yesterday of getting to meet and learn from a wonderful Photoshop instructor and traveling photographer, Ben Willmore, at the Peoria Camera Club's annual seminar. Ben graciously walked us through how he thinks about shooting and his approach to getting a unique image that draws your eye where he wants it to go. He also shared gear tips and gave us some fantastic Photoshop instruction.

I enjoyed my time yesterday and I hope he enjoyed a bit of his old Midwestern life while he was visiting. Here are a few shots from the seminar yesterday that I am certain I couldn't have captured without the assistance of a friends camera that allowed much higher ISO capability than my camera would normally allow. It was DARK in the auditorium yesterday. Thank you to ISO6400 and thank you to Ben for humoring us and sharing your knowledge yesterday. Best of Luck on the road. I can't wait to see your newly redone vintage bus. 

Safe travel my flip flop friend.

Check out Ben's work on his various websites: www.digitalmastery.com or www.thebestofben.com