Project Double Take Special #20 | Lensbaby


Here we are at #20 already. We really have made a big go of this project. I'm not too ashamed to say I'm proud of both of us for sticking with it this long and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I know we are going to make it. Since #20 feels like a number worth celebrating, it seems only fitting that #20 would be a party lens. Yeah, that is basically how a describe the selective focus lens that is a Lensbaby. A fun name for a fun photographic tool.

I won't tease you boys and girls out there though. While there is fun to be had while shooting with one of these, it isn't for the faint of heart. My camera does seem to meter with one of these attached, although not always well. Take that and add in the fact that it takes two hands to squeeze and manipulate the Lensbaby 2.0 version both Dave and I shot with and you have a challenge coming your way. When I find something I like, I try to hold steady with one finger poised carefully over the shutter and the other is cradling the lens ready to wield it as my heart desires. I then hold my breath, don't even think about swaying and go to town. One shot out of 10 might seem like I intentionally focused on something. Even so, I have to say the ones that come out can really look awesome. I equate it to how I feel about golf. I swing and whiff a lot, I swear, I say I'm never doing this again and then I calm down and focus and hit one shot (no it doesn't matter where it goes, just that I actually hit it) and say, 'Wow, that feels amazing. Let's do it again'. That is basically what it is like to shoot with a Lensbaby. It's relatively cheap fun and its worth experimenting with. Just don't forget about the golf analogy.

My shot is yet again from the garden at ICC. (I know what you're thinking...get out already, Stacy!) You're right, but when I'm busy with life, this is my default spot to go. I know what there and I always find something interesting to shoot. At least I left the house. 

I believe Dave's shot is from a recent landscape workshop he is teaching. I'll let him tell you all about it over at his blog. I'm pretty sure you can find details on his workshops if you interested in learning some photography skills. 

If you want to get your own Lensbaby, check out their product lineup here. Dave and I both shot with his 2.0 version. They don't make that anymore by the same name, but the closest one would be their Muse lens. I personally would like to try their Composer version as I think I might feel like I don't need 4 hands to shoot with it or their really cool Tilt Transformer that would let me mount a regular lens to it and play with tilt/shift effects. Cool stuff!